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Hook Straps

Sku:  243

Coated steel hook rubber nylon buckle.

  • Features:
    1. Our weightlifting wrist strap help shift the weight to your wrists, protecting your palms. These weight lifting straps for men and women help you lift heavier weights, without compromising your grip. Our weight lifting wrist wraps are so comfortable to wear and our weight lift straps with lifting hooks heavy duty ensures minimum slippage.
    2. Sports weight lifting wrist straps fits around any barbell and provides you with a firmer grip that prevents injuries. Our lifting wrist straps have silicone padding that give you the security you need so you can lift heavier!
    3. These workout straps take the pressure off your palms so you can focus on your pull-ups and lift weights - making it the best gym straps for deadlifts. The premium material of our weight straps ensures that there no chafing, calluses, or slips!